Lise Kjaer , mailart sound work, sent from New York

New York artist and art lecturer  Lise Kjaer, created a mailart project – multiple copies of a soundscape was posted out world wide to mark Rememeber Nature. The sounds are of Black Guillemots, Terns and Seagulls recorded during a recent residency on the island of Hirshholmen, Denmark.

“I like the idea of receiving a “gift,” putting the cd in the computer, and receiving no image (we are so bombarded with images these days and expect them to pop up on the screen), but a sound of birds, overpowering and active coming out of the speakers. Hopefully transporting someone out of their office environment and back to nature, memories of experiences in nature etc. Since the recordings were from a residency in Denmark, they were also my memories of the place.”


Maria-Leena Räihälä & Claudia Wegworth, events at Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany

Maria-Leena Räihälä organised an evening of events with Claudia Wegworth from NEST IN PEACE, at Institut für alles Mögliche, with artists, authors and bird activists. This featured a film screening of AVANTI NATURA and sound recordings of Whooper Swans whilst assembling bird-houses in the garden.

Maria-Leena Raihala

Avanti Natura, Maria-Leena Räihälä 2015



Chris Straetling, Bureau Gruzemayer, presentation and walk at Peruwelz, Antwerp, Belgium

Bureau Gruzemayer organised a nature walk at the bird and wildlife sanctuary at Péruwelz,  a former coal mining district on the border between Belgium and France about 20 km north of Valenciennes.


In the shop window of “DepInterdep” they installed a sun-operated work using the title ‘Remember Nature’ cut out from paper.

“Once this covering page has been removed the rest of the dark paper will be bleached, thus at some point gaining the same hue as the letters, leaving no trace of the work. Though this part of our contribution is minimal, it also has the smallest carbon footprint”.

RemNatStreep remNatBackLL



Students and Staff exhibitions and events at University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury

MA Fine Art & MA Architecture students collaborative show

MA Fine Art + Architecture, UCA Canterbury-2

MA Canterbury

MA Fine Art + MA Architecture Part 2, UCA Canterbury

MA Canterbury 5 MA Canterbury 3

BA Fine Art student show

FA BA UCA Canterbury, JV Studio Group

Silke Panse

Silke Panse created a one shot film titled ‘Chamomiles, Shoes’

Silke Panse 'Chamomiles, Shoes'

Ed Chell

Edward Chell screened a 10 minute film ‘Via Florigium’ in entrance of UCA Canterbury depicting the M2 motorway – a contested site of travel, pollution, death, mementoes and  resilient wildlife.

    IMG_4949 IMG_4940


Leah Lovett, Artwork at Network Rail, London Bridge Offices

Leah Lovett created Consist, a work for Network Rail’s London Bridge offices for Remember Nature. Consist refers to the wagons that make up an engineering train named after fish and birds, including Coalfish, Falcons, Salmons, Seacows and Tench. Consist takes the names of these wagons as a starting point for remembering nature and circadian time within the confines of the office environment.
Leah LOVETT Consist for Remember Nature 1     Leah LOVETT Consist for Remember Nature 2