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Look out for our open call later in Oct-Nov 2021 for the next Day of Action on November 4th 2022.

We Invite you to Remember Nature by creating your own event, action, performance intervention or artwork, on social media, in a gallery, a college campus, in the street…

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All we ask is that you send us evidence of your contribution however small – for example, you might create photos, films, or other documentary evidence. Once you have run your event please use the WeTransfer service to send us your digital artifacts. Can you name each image or link with the works title and the author /s. No more than 3 images per event.  Send them to:

Example of event for Remember Nature at your campus

Gustav Metzger co-curated the programme of last years’ Serpentine Marathon titled Extinction: Visions of the Future on 18th and 19th Oct 2014. During this time his work, Mass Media: Today and Yesterday was livestreamed from Herbert Read Gallery into the Serpentine Gallery throughout the course of the Marathon.  Fine Art students from University for the Creative Arts created a media wall from newspapers for 18 hours over two days. Students were fully immersed in this work, scouring newspapers, silently cutting out key texts relating to extinction, working in pairs for 2 hour blocks. This exhibition was curated by Andrea Gregson, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, at UCA Farnham.

20141022_125452Mass Media: Today and Yesterday during Facing Extinction, Herbert Read Gallery,
University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury 2014 (Photo by A.Gregson)
Sat 4-6pm Lily and Jordan
Saturday 8th Oct UCA Farnham Fine Art students selecting articles (Photo by A.Gregson)

“I was able to be contemplative about the source material and the information I was reading and analysing, becoming truly aware of the theme of extinction and the various ways that situations or developments in society, technology and culture can affect the human race”. (UCA Farnham Student)

Sat 8-10pm Roberta & EllieSaturday evening 8th Oct UCA Canterbury Fine Art students selecting articles (Photo by A.Gregson)

“Being involved and participating in Metzger’s work was immersive, the experience was incredible as it allowed me time to sit in silence and meditate and consider how our generation is facing extinction, reflecting on our choices as humans and our affect. The process was about judging what articles and images were really relevant and reflected human actions leading to extinction. It helped me stop thinking about everything else and think purely on the conditions and actions of humans.” (UCA Canterbury Student)

Sunday 9th Oct UCA Canterbury Fine Art students selecting articles (Photo by A.Gregson)

” I think even the process of turning pages, addressing new topics and magazines made me realise that everything and anything was heavily related to extinction. When I entered the room I had the theme in mind but it was only though this specific process that made me acknowledge the theme in a global sense.” (UCA Farnham Student)

Sun 2-4pm Lucie & RachelSunday 9th Oct UCA Canterbury Fine Art students selecting articles (Photo by A.Gregson)

 “…no matter what newspaper it was they all had the same thing in common. The shocking, horrible stories would have advertisements on the next page showing beauty and expensive commodities. This is something I think should change, news shouldn’t be cushioned by the latest fashion and the allure of a shiny new car. A horrible news story should be thought about, people should take time to reflect on it and what they might be able to do to make a change…” (UCA Canterbury Fine Art student)

Facing Extintion at Herbert Read Gallery UCA Canterbury (photo by curator Andrea Gregson)
Finished exhibition (Photo by A.Gregson)

If you are creating a Remember Nature Event at your campus please register here:

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